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Extra credit coding for correct percentages

I am adding extra credit to my film classes.
The problem is that I don't know how to add the extra credit quizzes as extra credit and the ten point assignments as extra credit.
These assignments are lowering the students' grade.
I don't know if the quizzes should be out of zero as well as the assignments.
Or if the assignments and quizzes should be regular value and Canvas will factor these assignments in at the prescribed extra credit percentage.
Can you please help me with this?


Canvas can never automatically assign extra credit points. If you have students take a multiple choice quiz, for example, those points can never be extra credit without a manual step on your part.

With a manually graded (e.g. essay) quiz it is very easy. Just make the essay question worth zero points and, after you read each student's essay, type in some points for them. They will get extra credit.

It is much harder with an automatically graded (e.g. multiple choice) quiz, but here is how you can do it:

  1. Under Assignments make sure your Assignment Group Settings are set to Assignment Group Weights.
  2. Create an assignment group with zero weight.
  3. Put the Extra Credit Quiz in the zero weight group.
  4. Under Assignments again build an Assignment called Extra Credit Quiz Points.
  5. Make Extra Credit Quiz Points worth zero points, set it to No Submission, and put it under a weighted group where you want the points to appear.
  6. As each student earns points in the Extra Credit Quiz, manually type their points into Extra Credit Quiz Points.

This will give them correctly counted extra credit points. No matter what you do, extra credit points must always be typed in manually by you somewhere. Another option is to type in the extra credit in the "Fudge Points" field of their final exams.

I hope this helps.

- Mike

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  • Answered By Mike Substelny

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