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How do I access Safari Tech Books (aka, O’Reilly Online Learning)?

Go to:

From Select your institution dropdown, select “Not listed, click here”

Enter you Lorainccc e-mail address (.edu) for a new account

If you have already signed up, select the “Already a user? Click Here.” Link and sign in.

SETTING UP A PERSONAL ACCOUNT AFTER ENTERING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS NOT REQUIRED for future access (though setting up an account may streamline the access process).

Printing: Usually limited to one page at a time

Compatible with: Anything with a web browser


Linking to a Safari Book

1. Go to the O'Reilly Safari platform and find the book. Then use the url in the browser bar, adding "?ar" to the end of it. The permalink for this book would be:



Let me know if you have any other questions.



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