Answered By: Chris Sheetz
Last Updated: Apr 21, 2021     Views: 1

How to Install Respondus Lockdown Browser on a Chromebook

1. Log-in on your Chromebook under a user account. *You cannot log-in as a guest
2. Start Google Chrome
3. Log into Canvas and navigate to the course that requires Lockdown Browser
4. Locate the quiz/exam requiring Lockdown Browser and click on it


5. Next, click “Take the Quiz”


6. Select the link for downloading and installing Lockdown Browser

7. The link will direct you to the Chrome Web Store. From the Chrome Web Store, select “Add to Chrome” to install the Lockdown Browser extension
NOTE: *In order to download the extension, you must be signed in under a Google account


8. When you click on “add to Chrome,” a pop up box will ask you to add extension


9. Once you “add extension” you will see a screen that confirms that the Lockdown Browser extension has been installed

10. After installation, go back to your Canvas dashboard and repeat steps 1-5 to take the quiz/exam using Lockdown Browser